It's hard to argue the impact that high school, collegiate, semi pro and professional sports have had on the North Country. We have even had several North Country natives go on to successful professional careers and a few others have been Olympians.

We have the nation's oldest semi professional football team, a Kentucky Derby Winner and have had minor League Baseball in Watertown plus countless of people who have made their mark. Despite this, a Hall of Fame for area athletes has never existed.

On February 22, 2016 a group of citizens got together to try to accomplish this lofty goal which was an idea that came from now NC Sports HOF President, Ed Murphy. Several other meetings transpired to lay the ground work of the organization and the format. In June of 2016 we began accepting members and finally on October 24, 2016 elections of officers were held and the North Country Sports Hall of Fame was born.

This organization is a fast growing group of sports enthusiasts and welcomes participation from the public. Please go to go to the contribute page for more info.